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Unity Assets

At Chocolate Dinosaur we have released some of our internal Unity plugins to make them available to other developers. Our team has over 12 years of experience developing plugins for Unity, and we aim for high quality and customer satisfaction.


UIFX a collection of powerful yet easy-to-use visual effects for Unity UI.

UIFX Bundle Asset

The main asset we currently sell is the UIFX Bundle which includes all of our UIFX components & more:


UIFX Individual Assets

We also sell some of the UIFX components separately, which can later be upgraded to the full bundle:

UIFX-LongShadowFilter   UIFX-OutlineFilter   UIFX-DropShadowFilter   UIFX-BlurFilter   UIFX-MotionBlur   UIFX-Trail  

Asset            Asset Store Link
UIFX Bundle                           Asset Store
    UIFX - Motion BlurAsset Store
    UIFX - Trail EffectAsset Store
    UIFX - Blur FilterAsset Store
    UIFX - Drop Shadow FilterAsset Store
    UIFX - Outline FilterAsset Store
    UIFX - Long Shadow FilterAsset Store

Upgrade Discounts

We have set up upgrade discounts, so if you already own one of our assets you may be able to upgrade to one of the others packages for the difference.

If you own the UIFX Bundle package then you automatically get free upgrade discount to all the other UIFX packages.

If you own one of the individual UIFX assets (for example UIFX - Blur Filter), then you can upgrade later to the full UIFX Bundle asset for the difference.

Coming Soon

Currently in development we have new additions for the UIFX collection coming soon: