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Vertex Skew Component

Component Screenshot


This component is a vertex effect that applies a skew transformation to any Unity UI component. This can be useful for example for creating slanted text.


Component Screenshot

Property                            Type    Range    DefaultDescription
    BoundsEnumMeshThe bounds to use for defining the pivot. Options are:
Mesh - Use the entire mesh bounds.
Quads - Each quad will have its own pivot, this can be useful for text if you want to skew each individual character.
    PivotEnumMiddle CenterThe position on the bounds to use as the pivot. The pivot point/edge will remain static during the skew.
    DirectionEnumVerticalThe direction of the skew. Options are:
Horizontal - Vertices only skew on the X axis.
Vertical - Vertices only skew on the Y axis.
    AngleFloat[-180..180]16.0The angle of the skew.
    OffsetFloat[-inf..inf]0.0The offset to translate in the direction of the skew. This is useful for creating slide-in/out animations at the same angle as the skew.
    StrengthFloat[0..1]1.0Strength of the effect.


Add this component to any GameObject that contains a UI Graphic component (eg Text, Image, RawImage, etc).

Usage TextMeshPro

To use this vertex effect with TextMeshPro simply first add the TextMeshPro Mesh Modifier component.